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Taizhou seminar held in Hong Kong investment project

Date: 2015-10-21

The municipal government and Hong Kong trade development council signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement Zhang bing as a keynote speech
On October 19th, zhuhai seminar held in Hong Kong investment projects, aimed at learning development experience of Hong Kong, undertaking industrial transfer in Hong Kong, hand in hand and mutually beneficial cooperation, sharing development, continuously enhance the level of taizhou opening to the outside world. Vice secretary of municipal party committee, mayor zhang bing as a keynote speech, William Samuel Hugh laidlaw, vice chairman of Hong Kong Chinese chamber of commerce, Hong Kong trade development council in eastern central China area representative Zhong Yongxi hundreds of Hong Kong people from all walks of life, such as customers and follow villager in Hong Kong to attend the meeting. Vice mayor Li Yuecheng chair.
Hong Kong was the first of taizhou foreign capital flows into the region, by the end of 2014, the city has introduced hong kong-invested project 597, invested $2.268 billion contract, the actual foreign investment of $1.24 billion. City $154 million in exports to Hong Kong in 2014, up 18% year on year, Hong Kong has become an important trade partners to taizhou. Follow villager in run industries in Hong Kong at the same time, always don't forget to public welfare, to give back to society, to donate for the development of taizhou education and other public welfare undertakings.
Zhang bing to introduce the guests to the taizhou economic and social development. All the way ", he said, as the country "area, the implementation of the coastal development strategy, and taizhou integrated environment of continuous improvement, port cooperation is facing the unlimited business opportunities. Hong Kong has abundant capital, broad international market, advanced technology and management and a high level of talent team. The taizhou is in the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization period, enters into the high speed growth and transformation and upgrading of the "new normal". Both have very strong complementary cooperation, cooperation in many fields has a good foundation and broad space for development. Hope that the two sides to strengthen industrial cooperation, boosting taizhou building industry upgrade; Strengthening the cooperation of the financial innovation, realize the capital value of ascension; To strengthen trade business cooperation, to further expand bilateral trade; To strengthen tourism cooperation, jointly create tourism brand; Strengthening the cooperation of the port development, boosting taizhou port international level; To strengthen the construction of city cooperation, accelerate the construction of modernization of taizhou bay metropolitan area.
"In recent years have witnessed the rapid development of hometown, taizhou fine investment environment has been impressive." Association of Hong Kong association of zhejiang province, Jane co., LTD., chairman of ZhanYaoLiang, said the taizhou came to Hong Kong for investment projects, and create a good opportunity for investment in taizhou, I believe I can bear rich cooperation. Home association both willing to facilitate cooperation and boost economic and social development.
Conference, the city government and the Hong Kong trade development council signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, while signing and the Australian international school, German car star automobile culture square, country garden, taizhou, taizhou bay bay agriculture sightseeing garden area, Iran pelagic fishery base, integration of renewable resources recycling, hundred million lida m&a love gentlemen and science and technology and so on. Taizhou bay cyclic economic industry cluster area, taizhou economic development zone project.