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Taizhou 1 hour traffic circle, just around the corner

Date: 2015-10-21

Xiamen city railway line S1, S2 line issue of project feasibility study report review
Yesterday, taizhou area railway line S1 S2 line issue of project feasibility study report judges in jiaojiang phoenix hill. During the three days of the judges panels on along the site after the first phase of the railway will revolve around our city xiamen city to discuss the necessity and feasibility of implementation, the project of line selection, installation, site layout, vehicle, such as communication signals for scientifically rigorous argumentation and review.
The first phase involves the chili huang wen ling road and paragraph
Taizhou city region network planning consists of two lines of xiamen city, S1, S2, the railway system, "" xiamen city, track laying in the ground, underground, elevated way, a top speed of 140 kilometers, the line length is about 210 kilometers.
For north-south line network planning in S1 line, connecting the linhai, jiaojiang, luqiao, possessing and yuhuan, S2 line for north and south - something - north-south, connection linhai, huangyan, jiaojiang, binhai concentrated area, possessing the east. Two lines together to form skeleton, taizhou, north-south and east-west rail transit through taizhou is the most important traffic corridor.
It is understood that the organization to carry out the project feasibility study report review is the first phase, involving S2 line east-west new first to jiaojiang huangyan, and jiaojiang to gather extents, involving north-south line S1 jiaojiang via luqiao to possessing section, through taizhou railway station passenger transport station, luqiao taizhou convention and exhibition center, possessing important traffic node, such as railway station is about 88 kilometers long.
Travel in the city is more and more quickly
Taizhou is a group of cities, three more spread out, there are a few links line connected to a bus, but people feel travel is not so convenient and quick. Taizhou bus development speed is relatively slow, public transport, less than 10%, the share rate of private cars is increasing, the main traffic problem increasingly prominent.
Regional railway, will serve as a more efficient way of public transport, to provide fast, large capacity, public transport, public transport services, optimize the structure of passenger transport system, reduce the pressure of road passenger transport, alleviate the pressure of the rush hour traffic, improve the efficiency of residents.
The establishment of regional railway will rapidly improve taizhou bus service level, optimize the structure of the urban traffic, in the long distance travel, the bus advantage will gradually appear.
The first phase of regional railway series core group, jiaojiang huangyan taizhou city group, luqiao group, deputy center city, urban agglomeration in spheres of possessing greatly shorten the distance between the three areas, as well as the wenling city, at the same time also will strengthen the contact between the various groups of central region, will be closely linked to the function of isolated group integration to the whole.
Taizhou city region after the completion of railway, between regional central cities and towns, important group will implement the "one hour traffic circle".