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Jiaojiang: innovation for ecological and environmental protection regulation

Date: 2015-10-21

On October 12, zhejiang hai xiang pharmaceutical annual output of 3 billion pieces (grain) solid preparation of technological upgrading projects end discharge permit application of the public, this is jiaojiang since "YiZhengShi" reform, the first discharge permit.
The city's first "green feed engineering, innovation enable unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) law enforcement, construction enterprises" charge blowdown system..." These are just some of the highlights of jiaojiang innovation environmental regulation means.
Jiaojiang's ecological civilization construction, embodies the iron pollution environmental protection people for many years, and fight for ecological determination. In speed up to create "national environmental protection model city", on the journey of jiaojiang focus on the environmental supervision, intensify supervision, innovating the mode of regulation, keeping pace with The Times to ensure the safety of regional environment. "Green ecological pleasant, livable environment" of the country, are moved closer.
"YiZhengShi" management: from heavy approval to strict regulation
Just wait five working days, the sea cheung ChanXing, head of the pharmaceutical industry in charge of environmental protection work to get this piece of "pass".
In April of this year, as one of the pilot reform of zhejiang province to carry out the discharge permit system, jiaojiang "YiZhengShi" take the lead in exploring to establish a pollution source management pattern, from "the approval" to "strict supervision". Hold the gap of pollution source management, system integration, implementation process reengineering, simplify procedures, comprehensive standardized behavior that real discharge permit will play a "passport" for the enterprise.
ChanXing tells a reporter, the original production company for a project to be born, from the eia approval, trial production for the record, the "three simultaneity" acceptance and completion acceptance to claims for emission permits, and everything is done to public, had to run back and forth the environmental protection agency, a project a lap down less said have to wait a year and a half time to formally started. In 2007, he had quoted expansion has a project, it took two years. This time reported the preparation of new project, they do the eia in advance, and prepare the attachment information, only need to run a trip to the environmental protection bureau, a procedure, a fair show, a total of five working days, the discharge permit to hand. "A YiZhengShi after reform, not only for examination and approval process simplified, simple procedures, our company also can have free time to the greatest extent, before is really want to also dare not to." ChanXing said excitedly.
Is to simplify examination and approval procedures, and is to enhance the regulation of environmental protection. Administrative licensing in jiaojiang district environmental protection bureau branch offices, reporters saw a thin new blowdown licence handbook, in only a few pages of the form is clearly documented in a polluters pollutants discharge type, amount and location, methods, such as to details. According to staff, since the reform, they abandoned the past a lot of professional terminology and jargon, a thick book detection will lean into several form, at the same time, enrich the content of the regulation: in the original wastewater, waste gas emissions requirements based on increased the solid waste disposal and noise control project; Building the pollutants full management mechanism, strengthen the regulatory approaches.
"The reforms is to break through the original environmental regulatory shortcomings, strengthen enterprise as the main body of environmental responsibility." Jiaojiang district environmental protection bureau deputy director RuanLiHua said that in order to ensure the discharge permit system reform smoothly, also made the supporting system of classified management of enterprises in the area, the owner commitment system, annual BaoGaoZhi and default responsibility system, strengthen environmental protection law-abiding credit management, to highlight the owners responsibility.
"Green eye" : "no dead Angle" law enforcement discharges, pegged to enterprises
Recently, the "eye" of environmental protection monitoring platform in jiaojiang district environmental protection bureau, the reporter sees, the whole focus on pollution emissions of the enterprises in the monitoring. Staff field has carried on the omni-directional demonstration to the reporter, as long as the click of a mouse, supervision unit is the key link of high-definition real-time image will immediately appear on a big screen in the monitoring center, enterprise whether there is a drainage behavior, and even have chimney smoke can see clearly.
"We through online video monitoring means for enterprise production workshop, environmental protection treatment facilities," three wastes "discharge outlet, logistics channels such as key position for 24 hours real-time monitoring, if corporate wrongdoing, all escape but its' critical '. In addition, the" third eye "is a memory function, all video records, can be read at any time, want to break the law? Irrefutable evidence!" The monitoring center director ma y said.
"Intelligent" regulatory means to environmental work. In may this year, jiaojiang tries to build up the city's environmental protection bureau's first "green eye" project, to carry out on-line monitoring, charge blowdown, video monitoring of regulatory system, comprehensive law enforcement means "intelligent", let the pollution "visible, played out, too".
With the "eyes", discharges, with nowhere to hide. On June 30, when the staff on duty at night, found that some plastic granulation enterprise is engaged in production, a plastic granulation production line is running, and the waste gas treatment facilities of form a complete set is closed. After confirmed by law enforcement personnel investigation, party suspected of idle atmospheric pollutant treatment facilities without approval, after the corresponding punishment and education. Enabled, jiaojiang through the "green eye" has five facilities normal operation cases.
At present, there are including jiaojiang, medical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, plastic granules and other industries, the key stakeholders corrupt companies is "eye" all-round pegged to 24 hours a day.
The third party supervision: marketing operation improve the transparency of enforcing the law
In today's marketing operation is ubiquitous, environmental work introduced the third party supervision is undoubtedly a let a person shine at the moment. Everywhere in gradually explore the marketization of environmental protection work, and as such the implement of system fully formed the inspection file, jiaojiang is the first.
According to jiaojiang district environmental protection bureau deputy director for reward is introduced, the current serious shortage of grassroots environmental regulatory power, more than 20 people environmental monitoring team to monitor the environment of thousands of companies, power obviously stretched, relying only on the district regulatory power has far cannot meet the demand of reality. Through exchanging and share, in the form of government purchase service, give full play to the human intelligence advantage of third parties, realize to wade corrupt companies sophisticated regulation has become a new thinking and new environmental law enforcement supervision direction.
On September 17, the third party supervision work has been done bidding, taizhou local manufacturer with professional qualifications