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"I - zhejiang" are you connected?

Date: 2015-10-21

An approved a circle of friends at the dinner table, brush when a web page to see news... Now, anytime, anywhere access to the Internet has become the habit of many people. However, each to the end of the month, always hear some voice: flow is not enough.
Later you will not have to worry about this problem, according to incomplete statistics, this year the city plans in 83 to install wireless network in public places, 28 has been built.
Brush web video smoothly
At present, the city part of the public is ready to use free wifi, that speed? Yesterday, reporters in the city a few points to the experience.
Location: taizhou daily 6th floor
At 5 yesterday afternoon, reporters use their phones to search the "I - Zhejiang_taizhou" and "I - zhejiang_awifi" two wi-fi hotspots, including "I - Zhejiang_taizhou" direct connection can smooth access to the Internet.
And login "I - zhejiang_awifi" mobile phone pop up after the China telecom "awifi" login interface, after cell phone number certification, successfully gained the wireless network, online watch the short video about 3 minutes long, play is very smooth.
Location: the administrative service center in taizhou
When 15 yesterday, the reporter comes to taizhou downstairs administrative service center, the same search "I - Zhejiang_taizhou" and "" I - zhejiang_awifi" hot spots, two signal. Also, after login, can brush WeChat chat, circle of friends.
However, the reporter to walk across the city square, although also can search the two hot spots, but unable to access the network.
Reporter in places such as buses city road site search to the wireless network, but is unable to connect. Why can search signal but unable to connect? "At present many places are still under construction, are more scattered distribution points, some local signal is not strong, we are also accelerate the wireless wifi open work." Taizhou via letter committee staff.
6 people don't know how "I - Zhejiang"
Although the city in promote open and free wifi, but random reporter interviewed some young people found that only four into respondents know some public areas have free wifi.
"Signal is weak, want to see video don not even at home in the middle of the night." Citizen miss wang said, in her jiaojiang, signal can be searched, but even on the network will disconnect.
"Seemed to enter the phone number for the first time, then that's ok." Resident Chen said, he in jiaojiang zhongshan square, jiaojiang youth palace and other places can be connected to the free wifi, very convenient.
However, in the interview, some people also said that now many businesses have free wifi, but when use is the main concern of the safety problems. If there is a "public place I - Zhejiang" infinite network, the security should be relatively high, surf the Internet to send out pictures, see the video also don't have to worry about traffic problems.
This year plans to install 83 public places
According to incomplete statistics, 220 cumulative in public places, the covering area of about 24.94 million square meters, including administrative service window, handle affairs hall, bus stations, parks, scenic spots, convention and exhibition center, etc. That is to say, after the people in the bus station, park, square, tourist attractions and other places can free wifi connection.
"The public traffic is relatively dense, first priority to achieve open and free wifi coverage and, on this basis to expand in other public area." Staff said, for the convenience of citizens, united after wifi access to the "I - Zhejiang". At the same time, the provinces and cities also on wireless wifi good various counties (city, area) engaged in the work process.
Note that each public AP number is limited, such as high-speed entrance 4 at a time into 4 car, surf the Internet one even more.
After another, "I - Zhejiang" network of Zhejiang province public security department certification, the platform configuration page tampering prevention equipment, platform has real-time monitoring to the equipment parameters, able to timely discover and intercept "hackers" illegal modification. "Online payment security into consideration, it is recommended that the citizens wait or don't use the public wireless network." The staff said.